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Blooming Park

"The owning of my thoughts, and the freedom and courage in expressing those thoughts have been a salve to my mind, body and soul. I have given myself permission to follow and speak my voice without compromise."

 Juanita Graham  
 Find Your Voice Find Your Healing

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Poems &

Different things influence what we believe, how we behave and how we think. As a result, these influences mold and shape our voices. Then, as we begin to connect with and express our voices, we find that this process promotes healing.  


 Many different things inspired the poems written in this book. Their content reflects new elements of my voice that I have found, and my expression of them has helped me to find new levels of healing.    


Come along with me on a journey. Enjoy the pictures and reflect on the poems and questions within this book. They are about everyday life experiences. Allow them to guide and challenge you as you find greater depths of your VOICE and HEALING.

Some of the 60 poems in

Find Your Voice  Find Your Healing...

Attention Please!

A V-P that Looks Like Me

Black and Breathing

Break the Cycle of Pain

Breathe With It

Can You Hear Me?




Do You Know Why We Can’t Wait?

Don’t Take a Snapshot

“En” Christ

End Papers

God is Able

God’s Color Wheel

Grieving the Loss of the Living

Guilty Pleasures

Half Told History

Hard to Breathe

I Didn’t Know I Wasn’t Breathing

I Am Strong Today

I Am Tired Today

If Tears Had a Voice

In that Skin Again

Is This Me?

Let the Healing Begin



Shots Ringing

Swallowing Fire


The Only Me in the Room

The Unexpected

The Urgency

The War in the Mind

Time and Space

Truths About You


Violent Silence

When I Look Up

When the Heart Hurts

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A word to you...

"In all their varied forms, I hope the poems will speak to you, wherever you are on your life's journey, and that they will compel you … to look deeper and live freer." 

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