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Below are some discussion questions for Find Your Voice Find Your Healing. 

(Scroll to the bottom for a PDF of the Reader's Guide) 

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  1. What was your favorite/least favorite poem in the book? Why? Which poem(s) do you agree/disagree with most? Why?

  2. The book is broken down into segments, which segment did you find most compelling? Why?

  3. Did the poems in the book help you look at something with a different perspective? Explain.

  4. The author includes photos in the book, which photo(s) resonated most with you? Explain.

  5. There are lots of questions in the book, which question(s) did you reflect on the most? Why?

  6. Did any part of the book help you find a new aspect of your voice? If so, what did you find out about this new element of your voice?

  7. Did any part of the book help you find new aspects of healing? If so, what healing took place?

  8. The author talks about expressing our voice brings healing…do you agree or disagree? Why?

  9. The author also has a poem entitled “Swallowing Fire.” When was a time you had to swallow fire?  How do you know when you should express your voice and when you should swallow fire?

  10. One of the poems is entitled “Conversation,” which encourages us to allow for safe spaces for people to have open and honest conversations with each other.  What is a conversation you would want to have with the author or someone as a result of reading this book?

  11. One of the poems is entitled “The Only Me in the Room.”  Have you ever been the only me in the room? Where were you? What made you different from others in the room? How did you feel about being the “only me” in the room?

  12. “If Tears had a Voice to Speak” is the title of one poem.  What would your tears say if they had a voice to speak?

  13. Several of the poems have to do with breath. (Breathe With It – Black and Breathing – Hard to Breathe – I Didn’t Know I Wasn’t Breathing) How do you breathe through situations?  What takes your breath away? What makes it hard for you to breathe? Have you had moments/experiences when you realized that symbolically you “weren’t breathing” …what was happening?

  14. One poem is entitled “Colorism.”  Were you aware of the term colorism?  Have you or someone you know experienced colorism? Do you think it is still an issue…why/why not?

  15. “Can You Hear Me?” challenges the listener to practice active listening. Which part of the poem will you try to practice when you are in your next conversation?  Which part do you wish others would practice more when communicating with you?

  16. One poem is entitled “Guilty Pleasures.” What is one of your guilty pleasures?

  17. The last piece in the book is entitled, “God is Able.”  What is your testimony of a time that you knew without a doubt that…God is able?

  18. Which poem(s) resonated with a current or past life experience?

  19. If you could ask the author a question, what would you want to know?

  20. How did the book/poems affect you?

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